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"I went from “I’m confused and reluctant to start” to “Hell yes, I am participating in Web3!” with the help of Sui and Ursula’s online course. Great group program to learn not only from Sui and Ursula but also from other course participants how they are starting their Web3 journey!"
Are you looking to break into Web3?
Understanding Web3 is hard. Period.

Maybe you're a beginner looking to discover the world of Web3. Or perhaps you're interested in starting a Web3 project but don't know where to start.

Whatever the case may be, we're here to help.
Chief Operating & Performance Manager, good healthcare group
Heike Niermann

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    Your Web3 journey starts here! Let us guide you through our customized and interactive eight-week virtual courses teaching web3 fundamentals.

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    We offer consulting services to businesses seeking to leverage Web3's full potential. We will work with you to develop a successful strategy and related projects.

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Start your Web3 journey with Fox and Happy Blocks

Our next fully-customized course begins on Tuesday, April 18, and will run for eight weeks. Learn more below and register today to secure your spot!
"Thanks to Sui’s and Ursula’s course I finally understood what my crypto wallet is for. I thought it’s just another app but there are so many business and community building use cases behind it. As a startup investor, it’s important for me to be up-to-date with the latest technology and I totally recommend this course to start learning about web3!"
Annette Jordan
Startup Investor, Organizational Coach
"Working with Fox and Happy Blocks is amazing. They have provided me with invaluable insights on building a brand and strategy in Web3, while also introducing the token economy. Their personalized approach and passion for the topics make them a great choice for anyone looking to succeed in this space. Highly recommend!"

Matteo de Padova
Founder, Winetage Design
"Fox and Happy Blocks‘ workshops are exciting and informative! The brainstorming definitely helped me to collect so many ideas and get new inspirations. I am happy about our cooperation and am burning more and more for the topic of web3!"
Tanja Andrade
Founder, Mishki Yaku
"As a long-time fan of blockchain and Bitcoin who already possesses a wallet, I was curious to learn more about Web3 and its opportunities. Thanks to Sui and Ursula's course, I finally understood what i.e. NFTs are and how they can help businesses connect more deeply with their customers."

Evelyn Brock
Consultant, Start-up Coach, Mentor
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